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We are looking for partners who are willing to make valuable Work Together. Wework2’s always keen on the long term goals for having specialists in worldwide.

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We make a licensing deals & provide/create items for the clients in worldwide.


We share the profits from our clients (1.5% charge of FOB).


We consult the whole process of import & export for clients.

Arbitrator Role

We control as a arbitrator in case of conflicts between clients.

Business Model

Licensing & Manufacturing

With our partner and connections we will help you in licensing and manufacturing.


Easy distribution through our channel in many countries.

Import & Export Consultation

Import and Export consultation with our experiences partners.

Profesional Services

Professional services in our global company.

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Amazing Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team.

Thanet Uttamavedin

Representative Partner (CEO)

Branding Marketing for Thai beer, Domestic & International Marketing for Various fields of Automobile, Tea, Electronics and Living goods.

Chinnatat Woonsanongkij (Kong)

Board Partner

Develop new projects & potential products as customer’s request.

Patchaya Khiaophan (Patty)

Local partner

Developing and International Sales for Beverages & Snacks Relationship with Public and Foreign companies.

Jay Son

Chief Partner / Board Member

Developing & Marketing New Brand for snacks, Beverages International Trading for various fields of food and Living goods.

Eric Hsieh

Regional Partner

Everything about Coconut business, Developing new brands International Trading for raw materials.

Kevin Lai

Local Partner

Develop new projects for Living goods & International trade for raw materials.

Ferry Ferdinal

Local Partner

Working for more than 11 years in Ministry of Finance of Indonesia and have vast of connection startup and big companies in Indonesia and Korea.

One of the most powerful networking practices is to provide immediate value to a new connection.
This means the moment you identify a way to help someone, take action.

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